Very Old BOSE System to SMART TV


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I have an older BOSE System (Lifestyle Model 5 Music Center). It has only RCA jack inputs. I am attempting to connect it to a new SMART TV that has only HDMI and one Optical connection. I tried an inexpensive converter that indicated it would convert the optical (digital) format to the RCA (analog) format, however it did not work (I only heard noise). In reaching out to Bose support, they gave me the impression that this is a lost cause and that the Bose unit is simply too old. Does anyone know if this is accurate?


If you have a very old Bose system and want to connect it to your smart TV, there are a few ways to do it. One option is to use an analog audio cable to connect the audio output of your TV to the audio input of your Bose system. Another option is to use a digital audio cable, such as an optical or coaxial cable, if your TV and Bose system support it.

Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect your smart TV to your Bose system. This allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your TV to your Bose system. You will need to ensure that your Bose system has Bluetooth capabilities or purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your system.

Overall, it's important to check the compatibility and connectivity options of both your TV and Bose system before attempting to connect them.