Vizio 50in 4k is getting brighter every few second


My Vizio 50in 4k (D50u-D1) is all of the sudden the corner is getting brighter every few second over and over and over. It wasn't moved or left on with a paused screen. I tried the other HDMI ports, resetting the picture settings and tried all the settings to see if something would change it.

When I turn the backlight settings to the highest it flickers really fast and is less at a steady interval.

So I am fairly sure I know the answer is that the backlight going out. Would it be a relatively safe bet to simply buy a new board, open up the tv and plug it in to likely solve the issue or should I just throw it out and buy a new TV? Any suggestions, tips or advice would be very appreciated.
It's either the LED strip (or whatever that model uses)

Or the connection to from the driver board to the LEDs or the driver board. You can't tell until you swap these parts out.

No, not a safe bet. There are three possible failure areas and you are changing one. If you had a tech bench with the usual Oscilloscope you could see what the good LED is getting for a signal and this one then you could make a "safe bet."