Vizio SB36312:$269 Getting great audio at home


This 3.1.2-channel soundbar with 5-inch wireless subwoofer brings Atmos positional audio to your room, even if it can't accommodate rear speakers.


Getting great audio at home is a lot easier (and less expensive) than it used to be. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, modern home audio systems can replicate the cinema sound system experience better than ever, and Atmos is finding its way into ever more affordable speaker systems. Vizio's SB36312 is just such a package. Armed with a pair of upward-firing speakers that bounce Atmos effects off your ceiling, five full-range drivers and a very thin wireless subwoofer that's small enough to fit under the sofa, this system earned great marks in CNET's full review. Right now, you can get the Vizio SB36312 soundbar for $269 at Amazon, which is 36% off the regular price of $418.