Vizio TV Image Color Troubleshooting


There are some troubleshooting for Vizio TV color issue. Hope they will help you.

Vizio TV Image Color Troubleshooting.jpg

The colors on the Vizio TV don’t look right​

• Adjust the Color and Tint settings in the Picture menu. See Adjusting the Picture Settings.
• Select a pre-set picture mode. See Adjusting the Picture Settings.

• VIZIO recommends selecting Calibrated.
• Check all cables to ensure they are securely attached.

Image quality on Vizio TV is not good​

• For the best image quality, view high-definition programs using digital sources. Connect your devices with HDMI cables.
• If you are using an antenna, the signal strength of the channel may be low. Ensure your antenna is connected securely to the TV and move the antenna around the room or close to a window for the best signal.

The picture on Vizio TV is distorted​

• Move the TV away from electrical appliances, cars, and fluorescent lights.
• Ensure all cables are securely attached.