Was Lady and the Tramp 2019 version better than the original animation?

Bread Pitt

You might find this movie somewhat enjoyable, if you haven't seen the original; but in comparison, it is really lacking. Some of the best moments from the original, have been completely removed, while others have just been changed; unfortunately those changes are terrible.

For starters Jock is a girl, who wears stupid looking, human dresses and the wonderful siamese cat song, has substituted with a the boring, uninspired new song, called, "What a Shame". A title that is very apropos.

Once again Disney's live action remake of a classic animated movie hits the "well alright" mark. This definitely isn't an awful movie. The opening is actually pretty lovely, and overall the movie has a lot of nice aesthetic to it throughout. The few songs are honestly fine. Not really cringy or anything, they don't waste time on these really. The CGI of the dogs is kind of hit or miss. Some scenes it's actually pretty believable and looks great, others it can be a bit wonky.

Was Lady and the Tramp 2019 version better than the original animation?

But the movie also lacks what visual luster an animated film brings, not to mention that this version is a bit longer than the animated, so the movie ends up feeling a bit laggy and drawn out. A few chuckle worthy moments, and it does pick up a bit near the end, but overall a very meh, good for playing in the background during casual night, movie. Remember this is a straight-to-video release, and you won't really face much disappointment.