What are shutter 3D glasses? Pros and Cons in comparison with polarized glasses


Many people have used 3D glasses. They are a necessity when watching 3D movies. What you see in the theater are more ordinary 3D glasses. In fact, there are many kinds of 3D glasses. Today I will introduce you to shutter-type 3D glasses.

Shutter 3D glasses are a kind of 3D glasses that use IR (infrared) and Rr communication methods to communicate with 3D TVs and realize 3D effects through liquid crystal glasses.

What are shutter 3D glasses? Pros and Cons in comparison with polarized glasses

The 3D glasses designed with shutter 3D technology mainly achieve the 3D effect by improving the fast refresh rate of the picture (usually to reach 120Hz), which is an active 3D technology, also known as time division shading technology or liquid crystal time division technology. When the 3D signal is input to the display device (such as a display, a projector , etc.), the image is alternately generated in the frame sequence format, and these frame signals are transmitted through infrared transmitters, Bluetooth, and other wireless methods. The 3D glasses are responsible for receiving by refreshing synchronization, the left and right eyes can watch the corresponding images, and maintain the same number of frames as the 2D video.

Shutter 3D Glasses Pros and Cons
No loss of any image resolution, outstanding 3D effect.​
1: it will be ringed by fluorescent lamps, flashes, and eyes are easily fatigued.​
2: The glasses are not fully synchronized with the TV, double ghosts appear, and the eyes are easily fatigued. The price is on the high side.​
3: The brightness is greatly reduced. After wearing such 3D glasses with black film, each eye can actually only get up to half of the light.​

Scope of application

Shutter-type 3D glasses are not only used to watch 3D movies , but also very exciting 3D games . The 3D glasses required by large game developers produced by large-scale 3D games and the glasses we usually watch some ordinary 3D movies Similarly, the technical principles of such stereo glasses are much more complicated. Generally used in home 3D TV, movie theater, 3D game, 3D projection and other equipment that need to produce 3D effect.

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