What are the disadvantages of LCD projectors? Is it better than DLP projectors?


LCD projectors transmit light about the size of a postage stamp through an LCD panel; a liquid crystal panel consists of tiny panels ("pixels"), which can be transparent, opaque, or translucent dots in between. These pixels take the form of an image to be created, and light passes through the transparent or partially transparent area in the same way as the transparent or gray portion of the negative film.

How does an LCD projector work?

  • The light source projects white light onto the dichroic mirror combination, dividing the light into three basic video colors: red, blue, and green. Then, each of the three colors of light passes through its own LCD panel. Each LCD chip receives the electrical signal it receives and produces an image. Finally, a prism is used to combine three color images to form a full-color image composed of millions of colors that pass through a lens and are projected onto the screen.

LCD projector advantages and disadvantages


  1. The LCD projector has a clearer image than other projectors. It is a good choice for those who have higher requirements for the picture.
  2. The LCD projector has more color saturation, which increases the perceived overall brightness.
  3. The LCD projector is more "lightweight" than the DLP projector, which means that the LCD projector will produce a brighter image under the same wattage lamp.
  1. Older models suffer from the "chicken silk" effect, although newer models have been improved and are less noticeable at higher resolutions.
  2. The contrast of LCD projectors is not as high as that of DLP projectors , and the colors of black and dark colors are often not so dark.
  3. The life of LCD projectors is not as long as DLP: they will degrade over time. The fewer machines you use every day, the fewer problems. However, projectors that are used for more than eight hours per day have a shorter life.

Which is better? DLP projector or LCD projector?

If you have many color applications, or if you need clear images, you should choose an LCD projector.
If you use the projector for video or home theater or need portability, the DLP projector will be a better choice.