What are the pros of Smart TVs?



What are the pros of Smart TVs?​

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Advantages of Smart TVs

1. Smart TV has various application services such as network search, IP TV, video on demand (VOD), digital music, network news, network video telephony, etc.;

2. After becoming the third type of information access terminal after computers and mobile phones, users can access the information they need at any time;

3. The TV will also become a smart device, enabling cross-platform search between TV, network and programs;

4. The smart TV will also be an "entertainment center" where users can search for TV channels, record TV programs, and be able to play satellite and cable TV programs as well as Internet video.


While smart TVs are becoming popular, smart projectors are also becoming one of the choices for home entertainment devices. This is because a good projector can offer many of the same features as a smart TV, and, with a larger picture, is more protective of the eyes.

The Dangbei Mars Pro is a laser projector with 4K resolution and it has a very clear picture. Compared to a smart TV, it has a bigger picture and can even project a 300" screen, just like bringing a movie theater to my home.

For movie fans, it is great temptation. I like to ask my friends to come to my house on weekends and enjoy this cinema-like projector effect together. it is very stunning!

This is something that smart TVs never have.