What aspecrs of Big Fish & Begonia deserve attention as a Chinese animation?


"Big Fish Begonia", which elaborates on a theme of love: love or not love, must obey the original intention. When you say that love is very mysterious, it is actually simple and plain in nature. It is single, stubborn, and highly exclusive.

The love of Tsubaki began with the initial atonement psychology. In order to make up for the sins committed inadvertently, he was willing to make sacrifices and was willing to live half his life. We may understand that at first Chun Chun ’s love for Kun was not pure, but then the development of everything gradually spurred her love for Kun, even including life.

Qiu's love, which originated from the usual caress that slowly accumulates, is willing to sacrifice for it, cry for her, laugh for her; even if he knows that it is a tragedy of regret, knowing that he is a thousand-year spare tire, he is willing to change his life Fate, such an open heart that exhausts life, shines with a blazing light, and because it is destined to become a tragedy, it is more shocking.

Big Fish Begonia movie

In this undesirable age and society, what is left of us ... Life is like a maggot tumbling, following the wind and smelling, even if it turns into a fly, it is just a beast with two wings.

Regarding "Big Fish Begonia", no matter what the purpose is, Haduo's black commentary, Bi Xian, the darkest and ugly side of our human soul, is not ashamed, but proud. This is the most embarrassing thing.


Finally, I want to say to the people of our society: Let those who understand, continue to understand. Let those who do not understand continue to do not understand. At the same time, I also hope that in this ordinary world, there is really a matter of spiritual sublimation.