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What can I watch on Emotn C1 projector?


What can I watch on Emotn C1 projector?

The Answer is basically everything. Actually, Emotn C1 is a multimedia projector that has no resources built-in. As a mid-to-high-end LCD projector, Emotn C1 provides a good connection function for you to connect to any device and play the content you like.

Both Android phones and iPhones can mirror the content in the phones to the projector by wired or wireless connection.

How to mirror Android phone to Emotn C1 projector?

How to mirror my iPhone to Emotn C1 projector?


Besides, there are many interfaces on the back of Emotn C1 projector to meet all your needs.

emotn back.jpg

1. 2 USB ports, the upper one is USB 2.0, and the lower one is a 5v out port for power supply output(charging your Android phone for example)

2. 2 HDMI ports for your DVD, TV stick, dongle, etc.


3. 1 VGA port to connect your computer, and 1 AV port.


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So this Emotn C1 projector supports to connect many devices, and we can project the content from say our phones.