What do you think of Masters of Sex Season4? Is it worth recommending?


We’ve arrived at a major turning point not only in Masters of Sex, but in Masters and Johnson’s history. In four seasons the show has covered the first half of the partners’s history from 1957 to when they marry in 1971. The core of their relationship hasn’t been a typical love affair, it’s been the intimate partnership they could achieve with no one else. It’s not as if they haven’t tried to connect with other people. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson have just never been able to give themselves up completely, either personally or professionally, with anyone else. For the main even in season four’s finale, the duo finally made it official. What they don’t yet realize is that they won’t have to work very hard to keep the ‘forsaking all others’ portion of their vows. At the end of the day, they have no one else but each other.


In the beginning both Bill and Virginia are grinning from ear to ear. Bill is singing, enough said. Everyone reacts to the news with pleasant surprise. Both Barton and Libby just think it’s about damn time. While Bill and Virginia are stronger than ever, everything around them is falling apart. For starters, Bill has the unfortunate task of starting treatment on his in-laws. They don’t even make it past the questionnaire before everyone figures out that neither one of Virginia’s parents really wants to fight for the marriage any longer. Her mother speaks a very real truth that no matter how old we get, children will always see their parents as parents, not adults. Because she’s back on the singles train Virginia’s mother has an extremely lukewarm reaction to her daughter’s impending marriage. She actually hopes the third time isn’t the charm. Good grief.

It’s not as if Bill is getting any divine intervention leading the way to Virginia. On the contrary, when Bill and Virginia decide to forego all the wedding fuss, Bill’s first love Dody shows up. Of course she wants another chance just as Bill is about to walk down the aisle. Well maybe they can all be friends now that Bill and Ginny are getting married and Dody has left her husband! I wish I was joking, but this is the same show which though writing in the sexual dysfunction of a gorilla was a good idea.

Libby’s life has never looked brighter. In a conversation washing dishes with Bill (where I first marvel how Bill listens to her more now than he did in their entire marriage), Libby tells her ex she has decided to enroll at Berkeley Law. Bill’s hypocritical outrage that Libby is going after her life’s purpose is ludicrous. What comes from this screaming match is the cold comfort that Bill has really been trying to be a good father. John’s decision to stay behind with Bill opens Bill’s eyes to what’s best for everyone. For the first time he tells one of his children the truth about his relationship with Virginia, thereby setting his children and Libby free. John won’t put up a fight knowing Bill has moved on, but with his father across the country and his mother experimenting with a new life, he’s right to think he won’t get to enjoy much of what’s left of his childhood. The good news for Libby is that she’s free to leave, and her boyfriend reluctantly lets her go without too much complaint. We have another relationship first on Masters of Sex, the traditional “if it’s meant to be, we’ll find each other” notion. Granted it was either Masters or Johnson who said it and stuck to it, but it’s a nice first for the show all the same.