What is Advance-Color of Dangbei Projector? Introduction of Advance-Color

Advance-Color technology engine of Dangbei projector is the "Da Vinci image color processing technology" independently developed by Dangbei laboratory, which can restore every precise pixel and color to the greatest extent, so that the eyes can see everything Is the detail. Dangbei F1's built-in top processing chip provides unique " 4K color image quality engine technology", with "De-Judder", "De-Noise", "Advanced color processing" "(Advance-Color) and" High Dynamic Range "(HDR) and other four major functions, which have superb performance in sound quality, picture quality and performance.

Debounce is different from traditional repetitive frame interpolation, but it uses computational difference compensation to interpolate frames, making the picture smoother and clearer, especially real moving pictures, with enhanced clarity and stable picture, which greatly improves the experience.

The function of de-noising is to reduce the digital noise caused by the high compression rate of the network video. When the Beizhen color image quality engine technology eliminates this, the noise is reduced while retaining the details of the image.

The role of Advance-Color is to eliminate the phenomenon of bleed, swatches, color chips and tints in image colors, including color block defect removal technology to effectively solve the problem of color spots on image colors.

What is Advance-Color of Dangbei Projector

The high dynamic range image is familiar to everyone. Compared with ordinary images, high dynamic range can provide more dynamic range and image details. According to LDR (Low-Dynamic Range) images with different exposure times, each exposure is used. Time corresponds to the best detail LDR image to synthesize the final HDR image, which can better reflect the visual effect of human real environment.