What is CCB Lumens? CCB Lumens vs. ANSI Lumens


XGIMI held a 2022 technical communication meeting on the 18th and released the first new brightness standard for home projectors - Cinema Color Bright (CCB). So what exactly is CCB lumen? This article will talk about it.

What is CCB lumen?​

CCB lumens is a new projector brightness standard released by XGIMI, using the 13-point brightness test method, that is, on the basis of the traditional 9-point brightness test added four corner test points, and the color temperature of the projection screen is set to D65 standard color temperature (6500K) and then measured brightness average, XGIMI said this test method color more accurate.

What is ANSI lumen?​

ANSI lumens is the international standard unit of luminous flux for projectors and is the method of measuring the luminous flux of projectors developed by the American National Standards Institute. It specifies a "nine-point" measurement method, in which nine points are used to measure the projected image under certain conditions, and then the average brightness of the nine points is calculated.

What is the difference between CCB lumens and ANSI lumens?​

1. The number of test points is different​

CCB Lumens measurement.jpg

CCB lumens using the 13-point test method, on the basis of 9 points, increased the four corners of the test points, but this 13-point test method is to be considered.

ANSI Lumens measurement.jpg

ANSI lumens using the 9-point test method, is also a more internationally recognized test method, the use of illuminance meter illuminance sensor on the illuminance meter aligned with the center of the nine points, measured one by one, and record the measured illuminance value; the illuminance value will be added up to take the average, the average is the average illuminance of the screen, and then the average illuminance multiplied by the screen area to derive the brightness of the projector projected screen.

2. The color temperature is different​

CCB lumens are measured using a D65 standard color temperature (6500K) screen, while ANSI lumens are measured using a pure white screen.

However, CCB lumens in the test using the D65 standard is necessarily correct?

color temperature.jpg

First, the D65 standard, also known as the international standard artificial daylight, is a daylight standard but not a color standard.

Secondly, the D65 will have a strong blue tint when the lights are on, and the overall picture is yellowish, although the projection is best viewed in a dark environment, at the same time there are very many users who choose to use high brightness projectors during the day, the color will deviate in this case.

Although there is a consensus on color, there are many factors that affect perception. In addition to ambient light, the brain also has the ability to "auto white balance", and the difference in this ability will also cause differences in how we see colors.

So, in addition to the standard industry standards, it also needs more professional color adjustment to see the real color.