What is Hard Disk Player for?


The main function of the hard disk player is to play the pirated Blu-ray film source downloaded by yourself. It can easily read and play the Blu-ray film source stored on the mobile hard disk and NAS.
hard disk player.jpg

Hard disk players are essentially smart set-top boxes, but they have stronger performance, stronger decoding capabilities, and more functions, and are naturally more expensive.

The hard disk player can easily and conveniently decode the 4K HDR/Dolby World/HDR10+ high-bit rate film source downloaded by the user, and can easily switch subtitles, audio tracks, etc. This kind of film source is usually more than 20GB, and even a film is up to 80GB. If an ordinary smart set-top box or TV itself needs to decode this kind of film source, it will be very complicated, or it will be very difficult to connect to the NAS through WIFI. However, the hard disk set-top box is very convenient to use, and the direct access to the LAN hard disk is also very stable. It is a must-have product for movie lovers. Some hard disk set-top boxes even support Dolby Vision source decoding.