What is Huawei Harmony Operation System?


Huawei not only produces smartphones, but also Huawei Smart Screen TV is gradually hitting the market. As we all know, Huawei Smart Screen TV has its own unique Harmony system. In this article, we will introduce what is Huawei Harmony system and its advantages.

What is Huawei Harmony System?​

1. Google Android/ Apple ios system.​

When it comes to the Harmony system, we have to talk about the two major terminal systems at present, Google Android and Apple ios systems.

Android system is an underlying Linux kernel-based operating system, basically used in mobile terminals, such as cell phones tablets, smart watches, etc..

Apple system is a non-open system, only for Apple's own products, such as the Apple phone, iPad, Apple computer and Apple watch, etc.. Because it is not open source, so the Apple system is relatively slow to develop. But its closed-loop system is more smooth.

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2. Huawei Harmony System​

Huawei Harmony system is a terminal operating system that is different from Android and Apple systems. The Harmony system attracted much attention as soon as it came out because it was said to be a distributed operating system developed based on the microkernel.

Harmony OS is also an operating system, the bottom layer is based on a microkernel, distributed design, oriented to all scenarios, mainly used in the Internet of Things.

Huawei's smart screen already uses the Hongmeng system, which will be fully adapted to Huawei mobile phones in 2021 and may be used by computers, tablets, smart wearables, and cars in the future. This also means that the Hongmeng system can connect all these terminal devices in series to achieve a true Internet of Things.

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Harmony System Advantages​

1. Low latency + smooth. Huawei Hongmeng uses the Ark compiler to make the Harmony system run more smoothly.

2. Good versatility. Mobile phones, tablets, computers and other terminals can be used.

3. Microkernel. Android is a macro kernel, and Harmony is a microkernel. The advantage of the microkernel is that the subprograms run independently of each other, similar to ios, so the system is cleaner and smoother.