What is the development of Netflix in Asia? What is Netflix's Asian layout now?


"There is no martial arts, it's a pity ... and Xu Fei has been wearing the same suit for the past two years of shooting. Some of them are too unremarkable." Famous Korean actors who appeared in "Han River Monster" and the American drama "Super Sense Hunting" Pei Doona teases her new play like this. And this new drama is the second season of the "Korean version of the house of cards" "Kingdom" that was launched on Netflix on March 13th-the audience has long been looking forward to the sequel of this ancient Korean zombie "Parkour" film, so Once the play was launched, it entered the top ten hits in various regions. The plot of the political struggle and the zombie play of at least 15 minutes per episode ensure the "cool feeling" of "Kingdom 2". In the last episode, Quan Zhixian's glimpse and the appearance of "Zhengfeng Oba" laid a greater suspense for the third season. Although some Douban fans have some bugs and flattening in the design of water worms, but the design of the characters is flat, but the flaws are not concealed. In the voice of "seeking resources", the enthusiasm of the audience to pursue the drama is high, and more than 80,000 people have played for this drama in Douban. A high score of 8.4 points.


Looking back at Quan Ji-hyun

"Who can think of a zombie drama set in the Li Dynasty of North Korea in the Middle Ages that could become a global explosion?" CNA Lifestyle commented. But "Kingdom" is really hot. In IMDb, more than 15,000 people scored a high score of 8.3 for the "Kingdom" series. The score for each episode in the second season was able to reach 9 points. Unlike the "genes" of most Korean dramas, "Kingdom" is an original Korean drama invested and produced by Netflix. The global popularity of "Kingdom" is undoubtedly a small victory after Netflix has worked hard in Asia for several years.


The first season of Kingdom In fact, as early as 2015, Netflix had already entered Japan and sounded the horn to enter Asia. Subsequently, Netflix has launched content layout in South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan and other regions. In November 2019, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that since Netflix launched the service in the Asia-Pacific region, more than 180 works have been customized for Asian audiences.