What is the difference between a projection screen and a wall?


Many users who are new to projectors may have such questions: What is the difference between a projection screen and a white wall? Can I see it clearly even when I project it on a white wall?

What is the difference between a projection screen and a wall?​

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To understand this, let's first talk about how projection screens work.

The projector uses light as the medium for image transmission, projects the picture onto a plane, and then uses the diffuse reflection of this plane to reflect the image information to our eyes. This plane can be a curtain or a white wall.

However, since our white walls are usually painted with wall paint, the reflective surface of the diffuse reflection will be rough, resulting in irregular reflected light, so the resulting image brightness will be relatively low.


The projection screen is a non-smooth surface made of some special materials. When generating diffuse reflection, the reflected light will be more regular and easier to focus. The resulting image is brighter. At the same time, the projection screen can effectively solve the problems of reflection and unclear images caused by the light projected by the projector being too bright.

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If you want to get a better picture effect, obviously, the projection screen is better than the white wall. However, if the requirements for the picture are not too high, in fact, the white wall can fully meet our daily viewing needs. The most important thing is to see if you have high requirements for the projection picture. In addition, the projection screen can also bring a better sense of ceremony than the white wall, especially for the living room, the bare white wall is definitely not as good as hanging a pair of projection screens.
White wall after use for a long time, it will inevitably become dirty. After the projection screen is used, it can be cleaned and maintained regularly.

• Generally low price projection screen, because it can achieve a low degree of brightness gain, so it is not much difference with the white wall, but the value of the low price curtain is actually used to use the projection where there is no white wall.

• A projection screen indicates a special layer of optical material that improves the screen's ability to reflect incoming light, increasing brightness, clarity, contrast, and even color bias.

• Different scenes, purposes and requirements lead to different requirements for projection screens. For example, in the company meeting, most of the lights on relatively bright; When you use a projector at home, you try to maintain a completely dark environment. At this point, the demand for the curtain is not the same.