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What is the difference between projector glass lenses and resin lenses?


Dangbei F3 Projector

People can only judge the quality of a projector by hardware parameters, the basic brightness, resolution, contrast, everyone will pay attention to these. But when seeing lens material, a lot of people do not know the difference between resin lens and full glass lens, the following is to explain the difference between the two, what are the features respectively.

Glass Lens

The material of full glass lens is made of full glass, so it has the feature of high hardness and long service life. Moreover, the full glass lens has a stable chemical property, so it is not easy to run out of focus under the influence of heat expansion and cold contraction, and it is also not easy to be corroded. The full glass lens can well resist the problem of thermal deformation of the lens and maintain the high precision of the lens for a long time.

Cons: Price of full glass lens will be higher. In addition, the impact resistance of full glass lens is also weak.

Resin Lens

The resin lens has strong impact resistance, light weight and low cost. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of high transmittance coating resin lens is weak, so it is not easy to appear the lens foggy lens issue.

Cons: As the main material of the resin lens is resin, its chemical characteristics are unstable and easy to be affected by temperature, resulting in lens deformation, and out-of-focus phenomena. In addition, the refractive index is weaker than that of the full glass lens, resulting in a slightly worse picture reduction than that of the full glass lens.

Above is the projector resin lens and all glass lens features. The two lenses have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the actual use, it is recommended to choose the projector with full glass lens. Because when watching movie, the resin lens will be out of focus due to heat, which will greatly affect the experience. Besides, the full glass lens is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not prone to deformation, and it will also have a long service life. Now to recommend the projection of the full glass lens, I recommend the recently launched Dangbei F3 projector, which is not only the all-glass lens, but also very excellent in configuration.