What is the difference between smart microprojector and LCD projector?


In recent years, smart micro projectors have become the first choice for home entertainment, and have changed everyone 's perception of projectors . So what is the difference between smart micro projectors and projectors ? Let me give you an answer.

1. "Monitor" VS "PC All-in-One"

Traditional projectors have been mainly used in conferences, education and other fields, but are rarely used in the home field, while micro-projectors are mainly used in homes. The different target markets of the two products naturally create two different product forms. If the traditional projection image display, then the micro projection is more like a PC all-in-one.​
The difference between the smart microprojector and the projector is the content. Most micro-projectors have built-in network video resources, which can be directly viewed without downloading via wifi connection, while traditional projection is mainly used as a display tool, which itself does not have content.​

What is the difference between smart microprojector and LCD projector?
Second is the degree of integration. The miniature projections are equipped with processors, which have their own processing capabilities and storage functions. At the same time, taking full account of the needs of home users, micro-projectors usually integrate high-quality audio to reduce the threshold for ordinary families. Take Dangbei as an example, Dangbei's products have built-in audio. Although some audiophiles believe that the projector does not need a built-in audio, it will be better for DIY to match the sound effect, but for most ordinary consumers, the cost of wiring and independent sound is too high, and there are barriers to use. The main service object of the mini-projection products is mass consumers, so the method of the built-in sound of the projector is necessary, so that ordinary users can experience the shocking audio-visual effects after booting, and can also be used as an independent intelligent sound.

2. The display principle of smart microprojector and projector is different

At present, the mainstream projection display technology on the market can be divided into LCD and DLP. Micro projection mainly uses single-chip DLP projection display technology. Traditional projection uses both single-chip DLP projection display technology and LCD technology.​
LCDs can be divided into monolithic LCDs and 3LCDs. Monolithic LCDs are mainly used for DIY enthusiasts and are less commercial, so the mainstream LCD projections on the market are 3LCD projection technologies. DLP can also be divided into single-chip DLP and 3DLP, 3DLP is mainly used in high-end projection, and single-chip DLP projection is the largest market share. Today I mainly talk about 3LCD and single-chip DLP projection, because these two have the highest market share and are more representative.​
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