What is the off-axis technology on a projector? Wha's its function?How does it work?


The off- axis function of the projector is a function that has only appeared on the projector in recent years. The projector with the off- axis function is also called a stand-free projector, which is OFFSET in English . So what is the off-axis technology of the projector?

Netizens who have seen the projector must see that the projector is mostly ceiling-mounted, or it is supported by a bracket. Now the majority of smart home projector may be in a plane on a table or other direct projection screen, and the screen can be completely projected onto the wall, this is the function of off-axis use of the projector . If you don't understand, you can directly look at the picture.

What is  the off-axis technology on a projector?

The last projection in the picture is 100% off-axis . An 80% off-axis projector can also show a complete picture. The projector without the off-axis function directly displays the picture on the horizontal plane, and the display is incomplete, as shown in the following figure.

A projector without an off-axis function requires a ceiling mount or a bracket to assist projection, so I recommend that you buy a projector with an off-axis function , which is more convenient when projecting and can work in a more complex environment Dangbei F1 is a 100% off-axis top-mounted projector, which is also a projection product for the author's own use.

Dangbei F1 Projector


Now there are fewer projectors off axis, the XGIMI Z8X seems to have a part of the light hitting the table when it is projected