What is XDR technology? What are the advantages of XDR technology?

The continuous change and innovation of technology has gradually improved the picture quality of large screens. Hisense’s recently released new TV product Hisense E8H is the industry’s first XDR-level Mini LED TV at the same price.

Hisense said that Hisense E8H has made use of the advantages of Hisense XDR display technology to adjust peak brightness, contrast and color richness even better. So what exactly is XDR display technology?


What is XDR display technology?​

In fact, Apple was the first to propose the concept of XDR. Apple mentioned that this is a technology applied to the screen display, just like you can often see the super retina SDR display of the iPhone. In other words, XDR technology can provide ultra-high brightness and high contrast standards for the screen.

A large part of people's understanding of XDR is through Apple's Pro Display XDR monitor. The display has a peak brightness of 1,600 nits and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

DR in XDR technology refers to Dynamic Range, which can be understood as the dynamic range of color gamut, brightness, and contrast in large screens.

What is the difference between XDR and HDR?​

1. The display effect of XDR technology is closer to the display effect of the real world

2. XDR technology is superior to HDR technology in terms of color and brightness

3. XDR technology can solve the problem of loss of details in dark scenes and insufficient brightness in bright scenes

What is the difference between XDR and HDR?

What's the pro of XDR?​

According to Hisense, XDR brings not only high dynamics, but also the high-level image quality of the three-dimensional image from the subjective effect. Therefore, technical indicators are only the foundation, and there are still many technical redesigns, such as lamp selection, optical microstructure, AI light control, AI scene recognition, and light and shadow control. Every position can achieve the balance of brightness and color, so that the color expression of the picture is guaranteed. Through XDR optical image reconstruction, the stereoscopic and regional image reconstruction of the picture is guaranteed.

The pros of XDR technology are:

1. In an environment with strong light, XDR technology can make the dark field effect of the picture better, the transition is natural, and the color is more realistic.

2. When watching sports images, it can increase the clarity of the images, improve the motion compensation ability, and make watching sports events and action movies more immersive.