What is your best memory of Animal Crossing?


I met my favorite little animal in the tent and successfully invited her to live in the village. Go online with friends and visit each other to go to South Island. In order to get the perfect success of the village mad Greening tree species in the village to foot lumbering remember that a lot of efforts on game day every day the first thing is to ask the evaluation of small village secretary was still happy to get a jump on the bed to the clatter It feels really good to give the results you want afterwards.

What I personally feel is the most difficult charm of Animal Forest is that it can turn me into a free and carefree little fool anytime, anywhere. It provides a place to avoid the world in a very natural way, so that you can be silly for a while.

We don't even need a "paradise-like" and "fairy-tale" place, we only need a place where you can experience all the interesting things in life, but you can't experience the troublesome and bitter things in life. Anxiety, this is enough. Animal Crossing is a game that always provides such a place somehow.