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What kind of TV should I choose with a budget of $450?


Price is a headache for many consumers when they choose TV products. If it is cheap, they are afraid of poor quality, and if it is expensive, they think it is not cost-effective. They do not know where to start.

The best selling TVS are priced around $450. Above all, picture quality and sound quality have certain guarantee, and cost performance is also relatively high. But for most consumers, it is a tricky business to choose which TV to choose from among the many different kinds of TV. Actually, you need to choose the TV according to your budget and the recognition of the brand.

What kind of TV should I choose with a budget of $450?

1. It's not about picture quality

The most important factor that many consumers pay attention to when buying a TV is the picture quality performance, which is clearness in popular terms. Indeed, as a large-screen display device, the performance of the TV is very important because it directly affects the user experience. However, I regret to tell you that for the TV products at $450, we do not have to have too high expectations for its picture quality performance.

Until now, TV can be roughly divided into OLED, QLED and LCD TV. However, OLED and QLED will only appear in the middle and high-end TV products, so only LCD TV can be selected for $450. In addition, many low-priced TV products also claim that their products have a lot of picture quality technology, basically can only do decoding, can only do broadcast, and the improvement of the picture effect is almost zero.
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2. How to choose the size of TV?

Viewing distance is the distance that points to the human eye to TV screen, watching distance is put by the TV position and home outfit space influence, so blindly pursue big size is not good. Too large or too small will cause visual fatigue, a long time will affect the health of the eye.

4K TV sizeviewing distance

screen sizes x 3=1080P resolution TV viewing distance

screen sizes x 2=4K resolution TV viewing distance

In the case of a 55-inch 4K TV, the comfortable viewing distance is 2.8 meters (55 x 2=110 inches).

55 to 65 inches is the best size for a living room TV right now, and can almost fit into the living room of a mainstream home. In addition, if your TV has a larger background wall, the size of the TV can be even larger in terms of visual perception. The vision is more stretchable, so the TV is bigger to match, and that's all if your eyes can adapt.


3. Content resources are also important

In the context of the Internet, the way of watching TV has changed dramatically. We used to sit in front of the TV and wait for the show to start, but thanks to the popularity of smart TVS, on-demand viewing has upended the decades-old way of watching TV. The shift, first led by Internet TV, has more recently become standard on TV.