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What movies do you think are most impressive or unforgettable?


Are there any movies that make people unable to extricate themselves and remember for a long time? What movies do you think are most impressive or unforgettable? I have watched lots of movies and cannot remember most of them. In recent years, the routines of movies are almost the same, and you can guess the end after watching the beginning, which is very boring. I would rather watch old but classic movies.

Relatos salvajes

Relatos salvajes (2014)
This movie is divided into six short stories. In this world, if you have grudges, you will fight, and you will blow up your grievances. The tremor of the movie is that it is so real and frightening. This movie simply magnifies the black humor to the extreme. Throughout the whole movie, there is an emotion called "anger". We don't dare to get angry, this movie was released for us. We don't dare to spread wildly, this movie sprinkled it for us. And when everything happens, all desires are unreservedly vented. As human beings, what is the difference between us and wild beasts living in the wild? It can awaken the morally suppressed elements in your heart, which is what makes people want to stop.

The Pianist

The Pianist
The main line of the storyline does not involve too much piano. What is shocking is the bitter blood and tears of the Jewish people. The protagonist is a Polish Jewish pianist Valedislo and Schipperman. The story begins in Warsaw in 1939. It was a turbulent era. Jews became synonymous with sin overnight. Jews were cast aside by everyone, abused and beaten at will. They wear white armbands embroidered with blue stars every day, as if they were the people not of the same clan walked on the road and was beaten and scolded at will, just because someone was in a bad mood. Thousands of people survived the war, and everyone's experience is different.

Fight Club

Fight Club (1999)
Everyone needs a catharsis for their emotions. When you can't find a proper catharsis, then your life must be very difficult. Nowadays, more and more modern people are suffering from depression due to long-term depression of emotions that cannot be relieved. The male protagonist is someone who can't find self-exhaustion and causes prolonged insomnia. Jack wants to brighten his miserable life, but he forgets that what he wants to thaw is not the form but the fundamental problem. Only by carrying out self-salvation at the source can we truly taste the sweetness of the world and not feel that the world is not worthwhile. The focus of the film is to bravely abandon everything you have and pursue the life you really want.