What should I do to prepare for a ps4 ?

The configuration of ps4 is fixed, everything you buy is the same, now there are only three differences Old version ps4, ps4slim, ps4pro
The first two performances are the same, the former is parallelogram in shape, the latter has rounded corners and smaller volume, ps4pro is the performance enhancement version of the first two, and supports 4k screens [provided that your display screen supports 4k] Of course, it can also output 1080p

The price of ps4 slim is about $269, pro is about $329, sometimes there will be discounts .

All three of the games are universal. There is no one who can play and who ca n’t. Of course, the quality and resolution of the pro will be better.
Model and capacity: 500G and 1Tb, 2TB optional

ps4 is divided into many versions, whether it is slim or pro, there are Hong Kong version, Japanese version, American version, and National Bank
I used to think that the National Bank lock service is not recommended, but now the National Bank can unlock it by itself, so it is the first to introduce the National Bank, and the National Bank warranty is also more convenient. If you do n’t want to buy it from tb, the National Bank can also directly at the Sony direct store. Or buy directly from a ps direct store.

These different versions have no essential differences, they are all the same, there is a little difference to say, the Hong Kong version of the plug is a British standard three-prong, you need to convert the head [the seller will send], the US version of the two XO handles The functions of the buttons are interchangeable, but they can be adjusted back by the buttons in the settings of ps4. In addition to the version other than the National Bank, there will be certain problems in the warranty

About the monitor:
First of all, your monitor or TV must support the HDMI input interface. HDMI has integrated audio and video signals, so if your monitor is a built-in speaker, you do n’t need an external speaker. If your monitor or TV only has a VGA or DVI interface You can buy HDMI to VGA or DVI interface for tb, and the audio must be connected to the speaker separately, or use the optical fiber audio interface that comes with ps4.
PS4 supports 720p ~ 4k [pro only] output, so choose according to your own monitor or TV. Generally speaking, if it is a 1080p monitor output pro quality, it is not cost-effective, because the resolution of pro cannot be fully displayed. Will be adjusted to 1080p.

About psn:
psn is ps4 network service, including ps store, ps account, ps plus [member]
When ps4 is turned on, you need to make initial settings. One step will ask you to choose the country. This step is to determine the server to which the account you created belongs to. Hong Kong is the Hong Kong server, and Japan is the Japanese service. Different countries have different ones. Server, so it ’s good to choose Hong Kong. Of course, you can choose Japanese or English. You can also choose other countries. China does not recommend it at present, because there are very few games in the national service store. [Because the National Bank machine, it was just locked. That is, you can only choose China, so you need to unlock it yourself. The unlocking method is very simple. You can get it by yourself in a few minutes.
Register a psn account, if you skip it at the beginning, you can enter the ps store in the interface, and you will be asked to register an account after entering. When registering an account, the birthday must be true. If you lose the account, you can use this to retrieve it. These can be filled in randomly. After registration, you can enter the store to browse games, themes, and other things. [Currently supports Alipay payment! 】

About psn account:
If all your games are played in the current account [you will be asked to choose which account to play before booting]. Then the archive information of your games is under this account. Switch to another account to play, and the game progress will restart [but the archive is still there, just switch back to the original account to play], including if you use this account The games purchased in the ps store are also, the game and the archive wallet are all with the account

About certification:
The so-called authentication is to bind your host with the account you registered. After authentication, your account becomes the main account of this host, because an account can be logged in on two machines at the same time, if your account is already You have authenticated your own host. At this time, another host has logged in to your account, and you can also play the digital version of the game you purchased, but as soon as you go online, it will kick the player of that machine down, that is to say , The secondary account of the other machine must be online for online play, and you do not need it, so it is still necessary to authenticate the host, [if you want to borrow an account to play with friends]

About psplus 【Member】
Membership is to recharge in the ps store, about 30 yuan a month [now the price has increased], the advantages of members are online games, exclusive game discounts, exclusive dynamic themes, avatars, and the most important free games for members. Every month, the free games for members will be updated and replaced, so you can receive as long as you are a member every month. The games you have already received will be stored in the library. If your membership expires, the game will be locked, as long as you continue Open the member, including all the games [whole library] received before can continue to play.

About online
Most of the ps4 games have to be online at the beginning of psplus members. Some games seem to be free of members, so pay attention to this

About the game:
The game has a digital version, and a physical version of the game. The physical version is a game disc. You can buy it and put it into the host computer to install and play. You must insert the disc every time you play. You ca n’t play without it. The number of times used], the digital version of the game is a download game purchased through the ps store, as long as it is downloaded, it can always be played. This is the difference from the physical version. Of course, there are many free games in the store. Such as apex, life or death, fortress night, etc.]
Game language: General digital version of the game, there will be language support in the store, the physical version can generally ask the boss if there is Chinese
Game price: generally around 300, of course there are cheaper or more expensive

What should I do to prepare for a ps4 ?

Regarding game purchases and recharge methods:

The psn store supports Alipay direct payment, and also supports the binding of credit cards, and can also be recharged through the point card. The point card can be bought from tb. Different services have different point cards, which are not universal. Hong Kong takes the Hong Kong service card, daily service day Service card, be careful not to buy it wrong. After buying, enter the card code in the psn input code column to complete the psn wallet recharge.
It should be noted that psplus members will automatically renew, so if it is a bound credit card, or there is money in the wallet that can be paid for one month or more, if your member just expires at this time, it will automatically renew, but Renewal can be turned off, just choose member management in the psplus interface, just turn off automatic renewal