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What should I look in when buying a projector?


Many people didn't compare various parameters in detail before buying a projector, but chose a pleasing one based on the shape, brand, price, etc., but regretted it after buying it. The image quality was not good and it was troublesome to use.

Therefore, before buying, we must carefully refer to various parameters, and really buy the products that suit us, so that we can use it for a long time.

Before buying, there are actually many parameters to look at. I divide them into hardware devices and software technologies.

The hardware equipment mainly includes six aspects: display chip, display technology, resolution, projection brightness, projection ratio, storage and memory. Software technology mainly includes six aspects: side projection, motion compensation, operating system, heat dissipation, external interface, and price.

Through the comparison of these twelve aspects, we can clearly see whether a product is really suitable for purchase before we can buy the product we like.