What Size TV for Bedroom is Good?


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Many homeowners are confused about what tv size is best for the bedroom. This is attributed to the wide variety of more realistic and immersive viewing experiences. However, it is essential to note that large TVs are not always a great option in answering the big question of "what size TV for bedroom is good?' In answering this question, factors including resolution, viewing distance are important when choosing the TV size for a bedroom.

Interestingly, not all bedrooms can accommodate a large screen size. This means that the TV size must compliment the size of the room with other important factors inclusive. For example, it is not recommended to put a 65" television in a small-sized bedroom as it may ruin your viewing experience or even take up much of your living space. In a bid to help you choose what size TV for bedroom is good, the following factors must be duly considered:

Screen Size

Determining the size of the TV for your bedroom is an important factor in choosing the right TV size for your bedroom. TV screen sizes are measured diagonally; for instance, a 43-inch TV features a 43-inches screen size. A 40 to 55" TV is ideal for a standard-sized bedroom to ensure the perfect viewing experience. For Master bedrooms, 70 to 80" TV are excellent.

Screen Resolution


It is essential to consider the resolution before choosing the perfect tv size for the bedroom. A higher screen resolution means you can watch the tv at a close distance without noticing too many pixels. Also, watching a 4K tv (3840 x 2160) at a much closer distance has no detrimental effect on your eye. On the other hand, watching a 1080p TV closely may hurt your eyes as the tv screen pixels may be obvious at a close distance.

Size of TV Stand

Another factor you must consider before you buy your prospective TV is the size of the tv stand. This means you have to consider whether you'll place your TV on a shelf using the included stand, mount your TV on the wall, or even hang it. Placing your TV on a shelf requires you to consider the TV's attached stand's size. So, consider a TV with a stand that complements the screen size and the location you want to place the TV set.

TV Position

The position of the TV also matters in what size tv for the bedroom is good. If you decide to use a stand attached to the TV set on a TV shelf, the set must be placed closer to the viewer's position. This will help to ensure a shorter viewing stretch. As such, you must be sure of the exact depth of the TV stand and the furniture you wish to place the set on.

Also, hanging the TV on the wall translate that you'll need to increase the viewing stretch. This is beneficial as it helps to save more space making the bedroom look well organized.

Viewing Distance

Consider the distance between your bed and the place where you would install the TV. Generally, the span of a 1080p TV to viewing position is 2 to 3 times the screen of the TV. However, it's different for a 4K TV. For instance, a 55" and 65" TV should be placed 55" and 65" away from the viewing position, respectively. Also, there is nothing wrong with increasing the viewing distance, just that you may not notice the finer or more appealing details such TVs offer. Below is a table showing the minimum viewing distance for the most common TV size.

TV Size (Inch)
1080p TV (ft)
4K TV (ft)
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