What will happen to Nvidia in five years? Prospects of Nvidia's image processor


In recent years, graphics wafer manufacturer Nvidia has been an ideal long-term investment option. Investors who have held NVIDIA stocks for a while have been satisfied with the company ’s good performance. At present, they should be most interested in knowing the future trend of this technology stock, such as the prospects in five years.

What will happen to Nvidia in five years? Prospects of Nvidia's image processor

Nvidia's image processor remains the highest standard for training artificial intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become one of the fastest growing fields of technology, and it is generally estimated that its development momentum will continue for many years. In the new wave, deep learning techniques that train machines to imitate humans and infer conclusions from data are rapidly emerging.​
Currently, Nvidia is in a good position to be able to make a profit using the considerable growth trend of deep learning. Deep learning technology can be divided into two parts. The first step is deep learning training, and the company's development model of speeding up operations through image processors is the gold standard for deep learning training. The author believes that by 2025, the deep learning technology industry will still treat the company as a rule, but of course, investors should not ignore the signs of the emergence of competitive technology, and should monitor Intel's progress into the discrete image processor market.​
In addition, in the last one or two years, NVIDIA has also inferred the market development ideals in deep learning. The so-called deep learning inference is the second step of deep learning technology, and the relevant market is still dominated by the central processing unit. In the inference process, the machine will use the knowledge learned during training to analyze the new data. It seems that in 2025, Nvidia may have climbed higher in the market already.​
Between the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016 and the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, Nvidia's data center revenue surged from US $ 97 million to US $ 968 million. In just four years, it has recorded a tenfold increase, mainly because large and small companies are competing to adopt artificial intelligence technology.​

The key to success

Nvidia has outstanding innovation capabilities and is expected to launch one or more major new technologies that will shock the market in the future. The RTX technology previously developed by the company is one example. The real-time ray tracing technology has always been the ultimate goal of computer display technology developers.​

How does Nvidia's share price perform in 2025?

Due to the possibility of a recession, coupled with a number of uncertainties that can have a significant impact on the overall market, it is difficult for us to estimate Nvidia ’s share price performance in five years. However, based on the predictions mentioned in this article, I am convinced that investing in the company's stocks in the next five years will bring returns far beyond the market.​
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