What's good about XPENG X2 Flying Car on eCar Expo 2022?


The 3-day "eCar Expo 2022" electric car exhibition, recently kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden, in addition to Tesla, Volkswagen and other familiar faces, Chinese new car companies have also become one of the attractions of the show, in which, Xpeng brought the flying car is to attract a lot of people's attention.

XPENG X2 Flying Car.jpg

Xpeng X2 is the fifth generation of Xpeng's self-developed flying car products, is a two-person version of a pure electric flying car with a closed cockpit. It has a range of 35 minutes and is designed to fly at an altitude of less than 1000 meters with a maximum speed of 130km/h. It can be used not only for short-range low-altitude travel, but also for rescue and medical treatment, sightseeing and other purposes, and is simple to operate with both manual and automatic driving modes.

eCar Expo 2022.jpg

The flying car has become one of the windfalls in the field of future travel, and XPENG in China is already in the advanced ranks. From 2020, XPENG car has tried to enter the European market, the end of last year is the launch of the first globalization-based flagship SUV Xiaopeng G9, this car once listed, the layout in Europe will also be in full swing.