What's important when buying projector for watching World Cup?



What's important when buying projector for watching World Cup?​

1. Brightness is not as high as possible​

To choose the appropriate brightness according to the environmental conditions of use, the higher the brightness, the better the effect, and it has a lot to do with the ambient light intensity and the size of the image. The stronger the ambient light, the dimmer the brightness of the image perceived by the human eye. Watching an image with too high brightness for a long time will cause fatigue to the human eye and cause certain damage. Usually, the higher the brightness, the more expensive the price, and simply too high brightness will also reduce the picture quality.

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2. Consider the size of the installation room space​

The size of the installation room space should be considered. The specifications of the selected projectors are different, and the optimal brightness required is also different. If the projection screen is below 80 inches, the brightness is recommended to be below 1000 lumens; if the projection screen is above 80 inches, the recommended brightness should be above 1000 lumens. Consumers should communicate with the customer service about the use area and lighting conditions before purchasing, so as to avoid failure to install and use after purchase.

3. Focus on standard resolutions​

Attention should be paid to the standard resolution advertised, which is the maximum clarity that the projector can present on the screen. The maximum compatible resolution refers to the resolution at which the projector can play pictures or videos, and has nothing to do with the screen resolution.

4. Consider the interactive experience​

Consider the situation of family members. For those with old people and children at home, it is recommended to choose a projector with anti-eye and voice functions as much as possible, so as to avoid harm to the children who walk in front of the projector and look directly at the lens, and bring troubles to the elderly due to cumbersome operations. Inconvenience.
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The Dangbei Mars Pros is bright and clear with 3200 ANSI lumens, you can choose it to watch the World Cup on a big screen.