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What's the best ceiling projector?


Can the projector be cast on the ceiling so I can lie down on the sofa or bed to watch the movie? Yes, but most projectors need a 360-degree rotatable pan-tilt bracket to support. Some projectors can be directly projected to the ceiling without a bracket, such as a portable projector. So what kinds of projectors are suitable for the ceiling? There are some options.

1. Dangbei C2 small ceiling projector​

The first is the Dangbei C2 small projector that can be projected to the ceiling. Why can it be projected to the ceiling? That's because the Dangbei C2 small projector can lay flat and project images against the ceiling. Adopting a rectangular parallelepiped design, and designing some interfaces on the right side, it can just be lying down and projecting. In addition, this projector supports up and down keystone correction, which can automatically adjust the picture in the vertical direction. Coupled with the compact body design and black and white color matching, it is perfectly integrated with the environment of the home bedroom.
dangbei c2 projector for ceiling.jpg

2. JMGO P3 ceiling projector​

JMGO P3 ceiling projector is a cylindrical projection product, which can be divided into two parts: the main body and the speaker base. The main body of the fuselage is rotatable relative to the speaker base. Rotating the fuselage can adjust the projection angle of the fuselage, and the base is also fixed with hinged footpads. The interface adopts a hidden design, which is also on the side of the base. You can see the interface by lifting the dust cover. Such a projector can also project images on the ceiling.
JMGO P3 projector for ceiling.jpg

3. ViewSonic M1+ ceiling projector​

ViewSonic must be familiar to everyone, it is a well-known display brand, in fact, it also has home projector equipment. ViewSonic M1+ is a smart portable projector that can be projected on the ceiling because it is equipped with a small bracket on the body. The bracket can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the projector body to rotate to the position where the lens is aligned with the ceiling so that the projector image can be projected on the ceiling.

ViewSonic M1 projector for ceiling.jpg

Why isn't any projector can be projected to the ceiling?​

General projectors have a projection angle, which is called the off-axis. It means that the light emitted from the center of the lens is the midpoint and whether the overall picture will shift upward or remain unchanged. Generally, the larger the off-axis value, the greater the distance the screen deviates from the axis.
projector offset.jpg

The first picture on the left has no off-axis, so if it is placed directly on the desktop, part of the picture may be blocked; and the 100% off-axis on the far right will not have such a problem. So can such an off-axis projector directly deflect the picture to the ceiling? This is impossible. Due to the internal physical structure of the projector, it is impossible to project the picture onto the ceiling while laying the projector flat.

If you want to project the image of the projector onto the ceiling, you can only use a tripod. After the projector is fixed on the tripod, adjust the angle so that the image is projected onto the ceiling. Or choose a portable projector like Dangbei Small Projector C2, and put it down directly so that the lens is aimed at the ceiling.

There are not many ceiling projectors on the market that can be directly projected on the ceiling. If you want to install a ceiling projector in your home, you must confirm whether the projector has a supporting bracket before purchasing, or buy the portable projector that can directly project to the ceiling.