What's the difference between Huawei Smart Screen and TV?


What's the difference between Huawei Smart Screen and a TV?

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Huawei Smart Screen V Pro TV about to release, you may want to know how the smart screen differs from regular TVs. This article will tell you the answers.

1. Huawei Smart Screen is more interactive, it supports 6-microphone far-field pickup, just like a large-screen version of a smart speaker that can understand your voice commands without a remote control.

2. Compared with ordinary TVs, the Smart Screen has more powerful connectivity features. It can connect all the peripheral devices in the home together and control the home devices with one key by voice. In addition, the interaction experience of the smart screen is more humane than ordinary TVs. Not only does it support voice commands, but in the future, the smart screen will also realize gesture commands through the intelligent AI camera it carries.

3. Smart screen is a new large-screen category with the core of full-scene wisdom interconnection, which has the functions of the TV and beyond TV, and is defined as "will open the boundaries of cell phone, TV and display, and rewrite the new definition of smart TV". So although the smart screen is like a TV, it is more comprehensive than a regular TV in terms of functionality.