When do I need to change the bulb of Epson projector?


When do I need to change the bulb of the Epson projector?
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The projector bulb should be replaced when the following conditions occur:

1. The projected image starts to darken or start to deteriorate.

2. The error indicator on the top of the projector flashes red at a frequency of once a second.

3. When the projector continues to be used to the lamp life time, the "LAMP REPLACE" message will be displayed on the screen. Check the "About" menu, and the lamp usage hours will be displayed.


How long does Epson projector bulb last?
Most projector lamps have a lifespan of 1500 to 2000 hours. The lifespan of Epson projectors depends on the models, series, and brightness mode, which gives users the flexibility to adjust their brightness levels to their liking.