When Panasonic TVs are used as a PC monitor do they include the full picture?.


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I have a Panasonic TX-32LXD700 that I bought in 2007. When I connect my PC up to it via an HTMI cable it's missing the outer border of the picture, most annoyingly the taskbar.

OK, I want to buy a new TV. And it would be nice to occasionally use it as a monitor for my PC. Do modern TV sets still suffer from this problem of omitting part of the picture from a PC? I won't be able to use it as a PC monitor if the taskbar is off the visible screen!

I was thinking about buying a Panasonic TX-50LX650. However, I've just used the Panasonic chat and the lady I communicated with seems to think that the full picture won't be displayed, and it would be a problem with my PC (I doubt that since I've never had a PC monitor that excludes the outer borders of the picture). I've heard that turning off "overscanning" in the settings of Panasonic TVs resolves this. However, she said there is no such option with the TX-50LX650 and it overscans all the time (I think this is the case with my current TX-32LXD700 too). If true then I'll probably buy a TV from another manufacturer. LG?