Where to watch At Home with Olaf (2020)? The best to watch when trapped at home

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At Home with Olaf (2020) is an animate TV series produced by Disney, directed by Hyrum Osmond. As fans said, it might be Walt Disney's first coronavirus-themed cartoon because it was madeby staffs at home. Starring the snowman from "Frozen," Hyrum Osmond animated the series, while Josh Gad resumed his role as the voice of Olaf. Both are working from their homes,

Hyrum Osmond (animator) is really efficient. The homemaker produces 5 episodes a week; give fans a gift to cope with the epidemic homework; unfortunately, there is no intervention by the director team, there is no large investment, and it is quite streamlined.

At Home with Olaf (2020) is best to watch when trapped at home

The first episode: Fun With Snow snow ; the second episode: Alone in the Forest ; the third episode: Fishing ...The new animated shorts series follows Olaf as he has a series of adventures around Arendelle. It will be released weekly on @DisneyAnimation.


That’s quite the upper body strength for a guy with twigs for arms. Could disney make such Film also for Elsa und Anna,und Christoph and Sven,please?