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Which movies must be watched while young


Wow, for the first time, thank you
Alive-Zhang Yimou's best movie


(A few hours before the death. He lay on his back when he went to school.)
Fugui: Is there any Qingai eating dumplings?
Youqing: Love to eat
Fugui: Do you love meat?
Youqing: Love to eat
Fugui: That's good, if you listen to Dad, you will get better and better
Fugui: Look, our family is now a chicken
Fu Gui: When the chickens grow up, they become geese, when they grow up, they become sheep, and when they grow up, they become cattle.
Youqing: What about cattle?
Fugui: The cow will be communism in the future


(Ying Qing is dead, Feng Xia also went. The film ending Fugui Jiazhen Erxi and the buns eat the buns)

Fu Gui: When the chicken grows up, it becomes a goose, when the goose grows up, it becomes a sheep, and when the sheep grows up, it becomes a cow.
Mantou: Where's the cow?
Fugui: After the cow ... 【Stunned】
Jiazhen: After the cow, the buns will grow up
Mantou: I want to ride on the back of a cow
Jiazhen: Yes, the buns ride on the back of the cow
Fu Gui: When the buns grow up, they don't ride the cows, so they take the train and take the plane. At that time, life was getting better

Fugui no longer knows what the cow will be in the future;
But he still believes that life will always get better.

——I express my sincere tribute to "My Living", my favorite domestic movie
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