Who Meryl Streep played in Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (2020)?

Meryl Streep, Chris Oddold, Jacob Tremblay, Ruth Negara will make an exclusive Earth Day short film for AppleTV + Notes Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth. The story is about a precocious 7-year-old boy who learned the miracle of the earth from his parents and a mysterious exhibition on Earth Day.

In Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth. Meryl Streep serves as a narrator. This 36-minute short film is based on author Oliver Jeffers ’best-selling book in 2017 and is written by directors Philip Hunt and Luke Mathen, and will premiere on April 17.

 Meryl Streep role in Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Apple TV + coincides with the upcoming 50th Earth Day release. 40 minutes, just one lesson, is a lesson of science and education that is very suitable for young children; for adults, it is a very warm charity animation video (and can listen to the lovely love Chris O'Dowd and Mei Mei Voice). From the objects that are often used in life to the thousands of creatures that coexist with humans here, it kindly reminds that humans are small, but the earth is very grand. Looking up at the vast sky, with goodwill and respect, you will not be lost, and you will be able to live better with this world.

Exquisite, interesting and vivid. What I like most is the paragraph where the child wanders the earth landscape after listening to the explanation from his parents. This should also be the reason for the animation. The loss of children is also very important. Humans should realize that before the earth is in the universe, they are small.


science to the animation, sweet and interesting, however, if the children are interested in, more recommend them to watch a documentary to understand our earth, such as "the earth pulsation" series, "blue planet" series, "our planet" "seven of the world, a star... And so on.

Bread Pitt

I was going through the Apple TV, and I found it got released. I loved it, lots of useful information, and a nice teaching short animation movie. I would totally recommend it.


In this beautifully made adaptation of the wonderful children's book, urban whiz kid Finn manages to to stay consistently amazed throughout a dull day with his pompous and anxiety-ridden parents. In painfully establishing constantly that we are here on Earth, there was never an attempt to establish that "here we are" on anything resembling a plot-line.