Why can't I find Philo on my Vizio Smart TV?


Philo is a full-featured live video streaming service that gives you access to many entertainment and lifestyle channels at a very reasonable price. Sadly, Philo is currently not available on VIZIO TVs. Therefore, this article provides you with an alternative method to cast Philo channels to your VIZIO TV from your phone.

How to get Philo on my Vizio TV.png

1. Download Philo on your smartphone, subscribe and sign up.

2. Once logged in, you will open the home page.

3. Then make sure your Vizio TV and smartphone are connected to the same wifi.

4. On the start page, find the channel you like to watch and press the play button.

5. On the video playback page, select the cast icon and tap on your Vizio TV.

Now you can then enjoy Philo on your Vizio TV.