Why choose Emotn UI?


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What is Emotn UI?
Emotn UI is a desk application developed specifically for Android TV devices. Compared with other Android TV desktop systems, Emotn UI has the advantages of low performance, pure and no ads, and support for multiple languages. In addition, Emotn UI customizes the desktop, application sorting and other personalized functions.

Why choose Emotn UI

Emotn UI adopts minimalist interactive design concept, with high ease of use; It has rich online wallpapers, also allow users' self-upload to create their own TV visual style; The advanced technical architecture has low hardware occupation and can replace the native system desktop.

Make your own ui
1. Customize your own APP row;
2. Personalize your wall paper.

Smooth usability
1. Succinct interaction design, has perfect ease of use
2. No popout, no advertisement

Advanced technical architecture
1. low hardware occupation
2. can replace native system desktop.