Why didn't the old godfather Vito kill the five family leaders like Mike?


The godfather watched it in elementary school because his father liked it, and there were also series of godfathers, Sicilians and godsons. The version is relatively old. I remember the cover is black. It seems that it is divided into two volumes. The book is very light, just like many old books in Europe and America. Because the time for reading is too long, many places may be confused or remembered incorrectly. I will write from what I remember and understand, only for reference .


Sorozo rejected the drug deal because of his godfather, and Sonny, the godfather ’s eldest son, seemed interested in it. Sorozo believed that killing the godfather would convince the Corioni family to deal in drugs and then shot the godfather with the support of other families , this is the reason godfather "should" kill the leader of five families, but never godfather.
Even though the godfather always insisted that "everything is business and has nothing to do with personal grievances", how can he forget the murderous hatred, he must have thought of killing several family leaders and then quickly, but I think the godfather never planned to personally think Put it into action; even if he teaches his father to avenge himself, it wo n’t be so stupid as Michael did.

After being shot, the godfather went through the following stages:
In the first stage, he was seriously injured by the gunshot and could not command the family
After the godfather was attacked, his life was at stake and he was naturally unable to prepare to fight back against several chiefs.
In the second stage, the body recovered and returned to the family. The eldest son was dead and the youngest son was displaced from Sicily.
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The reason why the godfather does not wantonly vengeance and Michael ’s vengeance is due to their character -the godfather is powerful but never pushes people to the end and avoids fighting with the trapped beast; and Michael ’s chopping the grass will eliminate the roots. It will wipe you out in one fell swoop. The reason for this difference is inseparable from their background and growing environment.

The godfather came from a humble background, and his childhood was an ups and downs. Before showing his strength for the first time, he seemed to have nothing outstanding, but a dull young man.
Before becoming a godfather, the things that reverse his life are as follows:

1. The father was killed for fighting with the local mafia. The mafia wanted to eradicate the roots. His mother went to beg the mafia leader to leave the child's life. After being rejected, the mother used a knife to hold the throat of the leader to let him escape. Mother So he was killed.

2. After going to the United States, he worked diligently in the bakery, and the rogue van Qilun placed relatives to work in the bakery. The bakery had no choice but to dismiss him, making him lose his way of earning a living.

3. After meeting Tessio and Clemenza, he was threatened by Fan Qilun again to claim a share of protection. At this point, he killed Fan Qilun and formally became the godfather.

Maybe even if 1, 2, and 3 did not happen, he would become a mafia, but these three things had an irreversible impact on his understanding of human nature and life, which is why he became a Reasons for not being respected and loved by the godfather.

His mother's rebellion allowed him to see that the power that broke out in the desperate situation of the small people and the people could even penetrate the harm and threaten the big people who thought they were safe and secure; and he himself verified this in the future and was forced by Fan Qilun. After losing his job and finding a new way to make a living, Fan Qilun was still unwilling to spare.

The silent Sicilian youth who had been forced into desperation and had no background could also kill the terrible fan Qilun. It is for this reason that the godfather is in awe of the power of the little ones and will always leave room for them. Once the person is forced into a trapped beast, the consequences are no longer measurable, so the godfather always uses a "price that the other party cannot refuse" to achieve the purpose, tempting rather than suppressing.

Even if the godfather's status is "noble" in the future, he still respects the little ones as before, and listens carefully and realizes their desires, but it is not a gesture of aloof gods giving charity, but a friend telling them "you owe me a love." This is not only the godfather leaving a front line for himself, but also the godfather's respect for the little ones-although I can do much more than you, we are exchanging a relationship on an equal basis, and I will need you in the future.

Michael, born to be very beautiful, the family is solid in politics and business, and its status is honorable. He has never been involved in the history of family struggle. He was born with an American education and cultural atmosphere. He is a thorough American-Born-Italian. He admires freedom and honor, and believes that what the family has done is contrary to his pursuit. Before the godfather was injured, Michael was a young man with a higher education, a pursuit of freedom and honor, a determined mind, a keen sensitivity, and thought about the meaning of life.
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The following things affect his life:
1. Joining the army.
2. The distinguished father was shot on the street like a falling dog.
3. The seriously injured father was again attempted to secretly calculate in the hospital, but he broke the conspiracy but was beaten. (In the hospital, he was surprised for the first time to realize his courage and calmness. This was his first awakening and was doomed to him. To become the new godfather).
4. The enemy again used secret calculations and bought the younger sister Connie's husband Carlo, causing his elder brother Sonny to be shot into a sieve at the high-speed station.
5. I noticed that several big families have not given up killing their fathers. Under the pretense of negotiating, they shot police detectives and Sorozo in one fell swoop, killing Sicily.
6. In Sicily, he married a local girl, his car was bombed, and his newlywed was killed in front of him.
7. After returning to the United States and marrying Kay, their children were afraid of Michael, and Kay also left him under Michael's step change;
8. During the family's final counterattack, the godfather's left-handed right-handed Tessio contacted other families in an attempt to murder Michael, and Michael was found to have killed Tessio in advance;

Event 1 Michael joined the army.

On the one hand, he proved that Michael has been assimilated by American culture, and he has invested in a war that has nothing to do with his hometown. The family that people believe in is the first one, and it has a fierce conflict with the changes of Michael later; on the other hand, participating in this war also affects his perspective on things. In the war, only who moves fast, has great power, and is single Absolutely strong. Human life is like a mustard in war, and the dignity and existence of life seem meaningless. Before this war, Michael's life was smooth, when his youth participated in the war in the formation of values, so that he saw the ugly appearance of the original noble and gorgeous life too early, too real, and the glory of humanity under absolute power. The smallness laid the foundation for his cognition of the supremacy of power in the future.
In Incident 5, if he had not accidentally killed Sorozor and the detective, relying on the less alert and alert military division Tom and the second brother, he was unable to reverse the situation and protect his father so that the family could breathe. Sonny and his father are big brothers and loving fathers who love the brothers and sisters. However, these precious people in Michael's eyes, but under the calculation of betrayers and enemies, a dead face like a roadside wild dog, A life hanging. This made Michael even more convinced of the strong man theory. In life and death, only alive and dead, no good or bad, only strong enough, impeccable to fight everything.

Several things in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 were caused by the betrayal of the family members and even their loved ones. In all respects, the Corioni family opponents are quite generous, and they are more conniving to their brother-in-law Carlo. However, they were more than satisfied with this, and fell into trouble when the family was in distress. The godfather can see through and even understand the mentality and practices of those betrayers. Michael can also see through but can't understand-his origin makes him disdain to understand the lower-level characters. In his eyes, those people are just a tool to voluntarily mark themselves. Betrayal makes the godfather helpless, killing the betrayal because they betray the godfather and family; betrayal makes Michael angry, killing the betrayal is because the tools that hurt oneself must die.
However, in incident 8, Tessio's betrayal was different from others. Xiao Hei can betray because of interests, but Tessio ’s betrayal is intolerable. When Tessio, Clemenza and the godfather first met, the godfather was just a young father who had just lost his job from the bakery. The three struggled step by step Today, all his life has been entangled. Tessio was the godfather's left arm and right arm, but he betrayed when Michael needed him most. He neither believed Michael nor the godfather's vision. He not only betrayed Michael but also offended the godfather. It is for this reason that when Michael speculates whether it is Tessio or the Clemenza mutiny family, it is only a little stubborn that I hope that not when I was a child, I always brought myself to play Clemenza for my own candy. -He was neither shocked nor angry at Tessio ’s mutiny, but indifferent and cold.

Maybe Michael also wants to be a beloved person like a godfather. But a series of repeated betrayals and blows again and again made Michael tired of coping with it. He could not take the risk of relying on the noble nature of his family; his responsibility was too great to feel the beauty of life and life. Forced himself to become a machine without omissions, set up a large wall to shield everything from outside, and only impeccable defense can reassure Michael and protect what he wants to protect.

However, this also caused him to lose the person he wanted to protect. Event 7 Michael ’s children were not close to him. Kay also left Michael. Michael grew up in a harmonious and happy family shaped by the godfather. This is his softest. The reason why he persisted in what he considered a "dirty" family business. It was heartbreaking betrayal and failure for him, and he unreservedly exposed his gap with his father. The godfather is the godfather because he is willing to condescend to listen to others' voices, to understand and to resonate, he sees through each other and then makes friends with each other, and Michael, sees through each other and manipulates each other.
Although Michael was ruthless and ruthless, he was very sad. His original intention was not to intervene in the family. He longed for honor rather than dirty business methods, but in order to be a family shield, he had to turn himself into a cold-blooded machine Don't stop spinning, don't dare to risk yourself to enjoy the good life. But at the same time, Michael is also a very sensitive person. He is always sober, which is his greatest misfortune.

There is a huge shadow of the godfather in the front, which requires him to follow and surpass, and later there are enemies who are eager to try. Even in the face of himself, he cannot be peaceful. Both the godfather and Michael lived for the family, but the godfather did not give up the happiness of the family and life, and Michael sacrificed all his sensibilities and feelings to protect the family peace.


In a very classic scene, when the godfather was there, everyone gathered at the dining table and toasted together, the family members were in harmony, but after Michael took power, he sat alone in the dark thinking. (The screenshot is not necessarily correct, but it probably means this)


The author is more merciful to the godfather. The damage to the godfather comes from foreign enemies and originates from battles or interests. Most of the damage to Michael comes from his family, which makes him have to be fortified and lonely. The more he shuts himself down, the more others Unable to see through him and more easily turn away from him.

In the end, the godfather died in the sunny vegetable garden. The little grandson ran around and didn't realize that the godfather's life had come to an end, leaving a contented last word of "how beautiful life is."
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