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Why do so many manufacturers crowd into the TV market?


The decline in TV operating rate is not a problem with the TV, but a problem with the TV station. The TV is innocent, it still has a long life. When we can't change the TV, then we will change the content displayed on the TV screen.

In the eyes of many betting manufacturers, the TV is not a screen, but called the "living room entrance".

Why do so many manufacturers crowd into the TV market?

With current technology, the main carrier of collective entertainment for the whole family is the TV in the living room. This larger and higher-resolution screen is not used to play free TV programs, but as a display screen for entertainment content.

Entertainment content is very diverse. Movies and TV dramas, traditional games and interactive games, live broadcasting, interactive entertainment, and even future immersive experience entertainment in the form of AR and VR may enter thousands of households through this living room entrance.

The high-speed Internet is almost ready, and 5G or even higher-speed mobile Internet will be commercialized soon. However, there is still a transition zone between the mobile phone screen and the cinema screen. The living room TV is based on cultural, technological and even cost-effective factors and is the most suitable carrier. The production of hardware is equivalent to building a toll station at the entrance of this field.