Why does Disney sell more movies and TV shows to competitors?


Walt Disney is exploring selling more movies and TV shows to competitors, and there is now increasing pressure to curb losses in the streaming TV business.


The entertainment giant is said to be looking to gain more revenue from its content library. The move would represent a shift in strategy, as Disney has been trying to keep most of its original programming exclusively on the Disney + and Hulu streaming services in recent years.

A Disney spokeswoman would not comment.

Last November, Robert Iger returned to Walt Disney Co. as CEO. Robert Iger previously told the company's all-staff meeting that he would put creativity first and would pursue profitability rather than boosting subscriptions to Disney's streaming services.


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This would be a strategic shift for the Burbank, California-based firm, since Disney had previously exclusively kept the majority of its original programming on Disney+ and Hulu.
Disney is under pressure to adjust its streaming strategy and increase its financial performance. Over the last 12 months, shares have decreased by more than 20%.

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Disney+ can differentiate itself by focusing on what is has over its competitors - ownership and nostalgia. Other streaming platforms have diverse yet scattered databases based off licensing agreements and other deals.


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Since Disney has been keeping the vast majority of its original content on Disney+ and Hulu, this would be a significant strategic shift for the Burbank, California-based company.
Disney is under pressure to improve its financial performance, therefore the company is reevaluating its streaming strategy. The stock price has dropped by over 20% in the past year.