Why is Murder on the Orient Express (2017) worse than the orginal version


Whether it is an adaptation and re-creation or a copy of the scene, the essence of the original work is lost. The 2017 version [Orient Express Murder] is mainly a film adaptation of a famous book. Its good or bad, in the end, is still relative to the original--The vitality of the reasoned masterpiece is much stronger than the adapted movie version.

Why is Murder on the Orient Express (2017) worse than the orginal version

Movie watching tips

1. Although it has been adapted into multiple film and television versions, the "Order Express Murder Case" was put on the big screen for the second time.

2. The whole film was shot with 65mm film. The 1996 version of [Khamlet] directed by Kenneth Branagh was also filmed on the same film.

3. The picture of Poirot's deceased wife is actually Emma Thompson when she was young. She is the ex-wife of Kenneth Branagh.

Orient Express Murder Case

Improper innovation, abnormal reproduction

How to put this novel 83 years ago on the screen today is more important than the comparison between the old and new versions. From this perspective, this adaptation has formed a loss and waste of the highlights in the original work. Part of the reason lies in the director's personal re-creation, and the distortion adapted to the interesting adaptation of the times. The other part is the loss caused by improper handling in the process of reproducing the original work.

The opening of the original book tells us: it is too suitable for a group drama. A dozen personalities, from before boarding to after boarding, each person's character is lively and picturesque.

In addition to the skill of "Grandma" portraying the characters themselves, the slightly cheerful tone of the original work also laid out the background: The classical reasoning represented by Agatha Christie is mostly relaxed. Death and detection are more like a delightful puzzle game. Murder does not seem to exist in real life here, with the heavy meaning of Dostoevsky's pen.

Why is Murder on the Orient Express (2017) worse than the orginal version

But when the atmosphere of this version of the movie was added a little realism, the taste changed: Everyone is not so lively, his expressions are dignified.

The performance of a big-ticket acting school has to be stretched, making it difficult to play more. The female missionary Olson (Penelope Cruz), without the nerves and compassion of the original. In the original work, Mrs. Hubbard (Michelle Pfeiffer), who was enthusiastic and nagging, became less talkative.

The disguised identity of American detective Hardman (William Duff) has also been changed from a rough and grand salesman to a soft-spoken professor. The consequence of everyone's tension is that there is no spark in the group play and it is dull. No matter how explosive it is, it must be extinguished.

in the innovation process of adapting classics, it seems that where and how new is created, "Kenjue" does not think enough.