Why is my Roku Express 2022 blinking?



Why is my Roku Express 2022 blinking?​

If your Roku Express is blinking white or red, it means different. Here are the reasons and how to fix them.

How to fix Roku Express blinking red light?​

When you see the indicator light on your Roku blinking red, it indicates a power problem. This problem usually occurs when you plug the adapter for your Roku device into a power distribution panel, surge protector, or similar device.

1. Disconnect the power adapter from your Roku device

2. Reconnect it directly to the wall outlet

Then, with no additional layers in between, the device gets all the power it needs and the red light doesn't blink.

How to fix Roku Express blinking white light?​

Another possibility for the Roku device light is that it blinks twice in white instead of red. When this happens, it means that the device is experiencing connection problems. When the device is having trouble communicating with your home router, it will blink white to alert you of the problem.
roku express blinking white.png

1. First, shorten the distance between your Roku device and your home WiFi router. This may mean moving the TV closer to the router and vice versa. 2.

2. Next, remove any obstructions between the Roku device and the router.

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