Why is my Vizio TV Sound Delayed? Solutions


Many VIZIO TV users may have this question: Why is the sound of my VIZIO TV delayed? In fact, there are many reasons for the sound delay, it may be a problem with the TV, or it may be a problem with the playback method or the playback source. Here are the causes and solutions for your VIZIO TV sound delay.
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Why is my Vizio TV Sound Delayed?​

1. If you are listening to the radio, the sound from the radio itself will be delayed by a second or more after the video is played, which is nothing to worry about.

2. If you have a poor connection between your wired or satellite setup box and your Vizio Smart TV, then this can also cause a delay in VIZIO TV sound.

3. If you are using a DVD or Blu-ray Disc player connected to your Smart TV, the connection may be poor or the disc itself may be defective.

4. If you are using a home theater system connected via fiber optic cable, you may need to manually adjust it to get the correct sound.

5. VIZIO TV sound delays can also be caused by settings on the Smart TV that cause sound delays and are out of sync.

Solutions to Why is my Vizio TV Sound Delayed​

1. The first way to reset your Vizio Smart TV is by rebooting. Simply turn off and disconnect the power cord from your Vizio Smart TV. After a few minutes reconnect the power cord to turn it back on.

2. The second method is to try changing the channel or different streaming source and determine if you are still experiencing problems.

3. The third method is to change the input on your TV back to the streaming device or app and the audio should match the video.

4. The fourth method is to check that the cable is properly and securely connected to your Smart TV and the audio or video source device.

5. Finally, if you have connected your Vizio Smart TV to a home theater system, you can change the A/V sync or audio delay settings.