why is my vizio tv talking to me?


If your TV is broadcasting what you're doing, you may have accidentally turned on the voice guide. The Voice Guide for Vizio TVs is an accessibility feature that can help users with vision impairments. This feature is very sweet, isn't it?

But in general, we don't need VIZIO TV keep talking. If you want to turn off the voice guide, you can follow the path below:

Home > Settings > General > Accessibility > Talk Back >Off
vizio tv talk back setting.png


VIZIO TV's Talk Back Feature/ Voice Guide is simple: it reads text aloud from the screen. Text-to-Speech is used as a voice assistant, and it will help you quickly understand the Vizio TV interface. When you click on a menu, it will immediately start reading aloud the description of each tab. But she doesn't limit her actions to just one menu.

VIZIO TV's Talk Back Feature/ Voice Guide

You can turn on the Accessibility feature on Vizio TV and press the Talk Back feature button to activate it. Pressing it again will disable the feature.