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Why is OLED TV better than LCD TV?


Nearly a hundred years of development, from the earliest black and white TV, to CRT color TV, and now still occupy the mainstream LCD TV.

Liquid crystal technology appeared in the last century in the 1970s, in fact, from the present LCD technology display results, liquid crystal panel itself technology starting point is not high. The development of LCD panel has been nearly 30 years, such a long time span, but also failed to completely eradicate the light leakage problem.

So, what makes OLED TV better than LCD TV?

1. Ultrathin

We all know that LCD products have been able to make TVS "ultra-thin", what about OLED? With its simple physical structure and excellent characteristics of electroluminescence, it is as thin as a sheet of paper after getting rid of the LCD backlight.

OLED technology makes TV products look like another evolution. Admittedly, if the TV product from a few centimeters to a few millimeters, it is really a breakthrough, and a few millimeters of TV is compressed to a millimeter, is it really so important? The concept of ultra-thin needs us as consumers to treat it rationally.

The simplicity of the physical structure has led to a breakthrough in the thickness of TV devices equipped with OLED technology, while the display characteristics of self-emitting light seem to be more important.


2. Self-illumination technique

Getting rid of the backlight is not only "thin", the backlight of LCD panel is also the main culprit of light leakage of LCD TV, and OLED gets rid of the backlight, which means that the display technology has a real sense of black since the beginning of OLED technology!