Why is there no picture after the BenQ projector is turned on?


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When I am using a BenQ projector, there is a problem that there is no picture when I turn on the projector. How can I solve this problem?


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Check these to ensure your projector is working well:

1. Confirm that the projector is connected to the power source;

2. Check whether the AC outlet is normal;

3. Check the connection between the projector and the power cord;

4. If the projector is connected to a power source, please make sure that the power source is turned on;

5. If the projector has power but the lamp still doesn't light up, please check if the projector is working in standby mode;

6. The input source is video, check the video connection cable connection and connector between the video source and the projector;

7. Make sure that the projector lens cover has been removed;

8. Whether the life of the bulb has expired (the bulb indicator glows orange).