Why Smart TV screen goes black with sound?


Why is my smart TV black screen and sound? This is mainly due to TV signal source or hardware problems, which are handled differently. First of all, you should check the wiring behind the TV, whether each wire is plugged in a specific position, and confirm that the socket of each plug is in good contact and not loose.

tv black screen.jpg

If it is caused by loose wire, fix it. And if it is because the cable is inserted in the wrong position, for example, you can check whether the TV is connected to the set-top box, DVD and other devices using an AV cable. If the yellow video cable is not connected in the correct way, it will cause a black screen.

In addition, if the video cable of the yellow interface is in poor contact, it will also cause a black screen of the TV.

Secondly, hardware problems can also cause TV black screen, including display circuit failure, display screen failure, and cable failure. After eliminating the problem of the socket part, you can contact the relevant after-sales maintenance personnel. When such a problem occurs, it needs to be disassembled and tested, so the maintenance time is generally longer.

In this TCL TV Black Screen Fix Guide, you can find out how to solve the black screen issue.
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