Why would anyone dislike Doraemon? It it strange to hate an animated character?


Doraemon has had a large reach in the world. It has been well received in all the parts of the world that it has reached. It is even surprising that a lot of parents, who are basically older adults, and younger adults who used to watch it when they were younger still continue to love and enjoy it.

Doraemon is an anime that was specially focused towards kids. Unlike most other anime originating from Japan, Doraemon has more kid-friendly content. It allows for safe broadcasting in countries where there is a considerable strength of conservative and orthodox population like India, for example.

Doraemon also promotes the characters in the anime using games, merchandise and other media platforms time and again. The plot also focuses on major things that kids undergo in their childhood such as bullying, competition, friendship, exam stress, love etc.

Now with all these things going for Doraemon, now wonder it has few haters in the world. The anime also has content for mature audience as well as teenage kids. So, the range of people it caters to is well-spread and humongous.

Doraemon is a staple cartoon in the lives of most kids in the world, be it the Americas or Europe or Asia. Thus, Doraemon may continue to compete in the markets for more years to come.


Just don't hate it. Why do you like it? Do people have aspirations?

If you want to know the ending set by the original author, it is estimated that you will feel sick, anyway, after I listened to it.